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Dear Friends,

     This year, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I, the Museum opened its exhibit entitled, “Wake Up America: Allen County in the Great War.”  The soldiers above were two of the 150 Allen County boys that lost their lives in the war.  In total, more than 3,500 Allen County men served during World War I.

     Researching Allen County’s role in this major event was exciting and inspiring.  From borrowed items to the many artifacts from our own collections, we have presented unique and diverse objects to tell this story:  A beautifully preserved quilt from Perry township; a Chauchat French machine gun; the Yeomenette uniform of cable sensor, Catherine Snyder; and many vivid, lithographic posters.  One item that did not make the cut was a preserved body louse, encapsulated in glass, from the collection of Lima veterinarian John H. Blattenberg.

     We are very grateful to the Husky Lima Refinery for supporting the restoration of the Museum’s Class B, Liberty Truck.  The prototype of the Liberty Truck was made in Lima by the Gramm-Bernstein Motor Truck Company.  Upon completion, a crew drove it to Washington D.C. to be inspected by President Wilson and the War Department.  Both Gramm-Bernstein and the Garford Motor Truck Company produced over 5,000 of these trucks for the military during World War I.  Very few remain in existence.

     Helping people connect with and share the stories of our history is what we are about.  As the number one attraction in Allen County, we’re committed to offering inspiration and meaningful experiences to all.  But, we rely on your help to make this possible.  The Allen County Historical Society’s Annual Fund is made-up of dozens of donations from generous individuals, grandparents, families, members, Board, staff, volunteers, and friends like you.  Your gift offers critical support for the Museum’s daily operations and helps to ensure that every visitor has a unique experience.  It is the foundation on which the Museum has built its reputation as an AAM accredited educational and cultural institution.

     By supporting the Allen County Museum and Historical Society you are supporting the strength and vitality of our Allen County community.  Giving a little means a lot!  Please donate and keep Allen County’s history alive. Then, bring your family and friends to the Museum and visit our newest exhibit.


William C. Timmermeister

President, Allen County Historical Society

The red poppy was one of the first flowers to bloom in the churned up soils of World War I, and was soon widely

accepted throughout the allied nations as the flower of remembrance to be worn on Armistice Day.