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     Dayton attorney, Jack Egan, was not a model of personal or professional ethics.  He had a nose for a fee, and a slight disregard for the clients who retained him.  Between 1899 and 1936, Egan represented countless clients that became the stuff of local legend.  Despite Egan’s best efforts to cover his tracks, recently unearthed details disclose that he was well connected to some of the most notorious criminals that anyone could have guessed.

     Come to this presentation and book signing for the stories about John Dillinger, Alvin Karpis, J. Edgar Hoover, Al Capone and more.   Stay for the crimes which made Ohio headlines such as the Postal Telegraph Murder, the saga of “Dayton Slim,” or “Rabbit Man” Wilson’s safe blowing escapades.  Meet characters like “Mad Meg” known as gangland’s jinx girl whose kiss brought death to eight outlaws.

     The Allen County Historical Society is pleased to present author David C. Greer.  Mr. Greer has been a practicing trial lawyer in Dayton, Ohio, for fifty-five years.  He has represented clients in more than five hundred jury trials, ranging from capital murders to corporate takeovers.  He has been a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and Life Member of the Sixth Judicial Circuit since the late 1970s.

     Mr. Greer navigates the twists, bumps, and dark alleys that John Egan’s career traveled with bemused insight honed by a life spent in the courtrooms.  He is the author of a history of the Dayton bench and bar from 1796 to 1996, Sluff of History’s Boot Soles.  And he is the leader of an eight-piece jazz band which carries the great music of the 1920s and 1930s to a variety of venues.  This program is free and open to the public.


“God is Merciful: The Colorful Career of John E. Egan”


David C. Greer

October Program

2 p.m.

Join us Sunday, October 29th when David C. Greer travels  to Lima to discuss his book,

“God is Merciful: The Colorful Career of John E. Egan.”