Docents are invaluable to the Allen County Museum. Docents are volunteers who guide visiting groups through the Museum’s many collections and help with educational programs and special events for both children and adults. This is a wonderful way to learn more about the amazing history of Allen County and share that information with others. You don’t need to know a lot about history to become a docent…we’ll train you. You just need to be enthusiastic, enjoy working with people and be willing to learn. Being a docent is a very rewarding experience and it’s fun!

Some of the Allen County Museum’s docents’ duties include:

  • Leading field trip tours
  • Helping with the Children’s Discovery area
  • Guiding visitors around the museum
  • Learning together with other docents
  • Volunteering with special events
  • Meeting other people who share an interest in history, art, and culture

​There are also many other volunteer opportunities at the Allen County Museum.
To learn more, contact Sarah Rish, Curator of Education, at

“Being a docent gives me the opportunity to see the wonder and excitement in a young person’s eyes, knowing how their horizons are expanding.”

- Anne

“Docents have the opportunity to share history with others and work as a member of a great team. There is a niche for you no matter your focus, preferences. And you have the opportunity to continue learning from people who really know their stuff.”

- Cathy

“I love history and being a docent means that I can show other people, adults and children, the history of Allen County and why it is important to preserve it.”

- Jeanne