1918 Howitzer T-Shirt


This T-shirt features the Allen County Museum’s beautifully restored 1918 U.S. Schneider Model howitzer which came to the museum from the Lima Ordnance Depot in 1957.  The cannon was the 75th made out of a total of 1,789 howitzers manufactured by American Brake Shoe and Foundry Company in Erie, PA by December 1918.  None of the pieces of artillery made in the U.S. went overseas before the Armistice was signed.  According to the Firelands Military Vehicle Group, all U.S.-built 155 mm howitzers were sent to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland for assembly. The artillery was then sent to Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio to the Ordnance Depot for testing and shipping.  This gun was test-fired into Lake Erie.